ApTest Manager version 2.28.03 released

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ApTest Manager version 2.28.03 released

Postby aptest_shane » Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:00 pm

Version 2.28.02 of ApTest Manager is now available. You can see the release notes at http://www.aptest.com/atm2/documentatio ... EASE_NOTES. Below is an excerpt from the release notes:

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VERSION 2.28.03:

This is a minor bug-fix release.  Issues addressed in this release

     o The export.pl utility was not detecting situations where the
       underlying system libraries could not successfully serialize
       a test session object.  Added an option to the exportAll.pl
       script to select suites to export.  This utility has better
       error recovery.  The export.pl script will be removed from
       future releases [Issue #1788].

     o The updateSets.pl script would incorrectly open a test
       session in write mode even when running with the -n "do
       nothing" option [Issue #1788].

     o The updateSets.pl script now has an option to only update
       specific sets in a test suite (-s set1,set2...) to help
       speed the operation when specific sets / sessions need to
       be fixed on very large test suites [Issue #1788].

     o The URI in use and parameters passed to it were not always
       included in generated error reports [Issue #1790].

     o If folders within a folder had been specifically arranged, and then
       one of those folders was removed outside of ApTest Manager's
       GUI, the system could throw a warning during synchronization
       of the test suite [Issue #1795].

     o Very very large test suites / collections of test suites
       were not backing up correctly and consequently would not
       restore correctly [Issue #1807].

     o When configuring a SQL Datastore, if the encoding of the system
       is set to UTF-8 in config.pl, then use a default charset of
       utf8 for mysql [Issue #1807].

     o It was not possible to require that a Test Session name
       / description was mandatory. This is now a global configuration
       option [Issue #1817].
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