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ApTest Manager version 2.28.02 released

PostPosted: Fri May 29, 2015 4:12 pm
by aptest_shane
Version 2.28.02 of ApTest Manager is now available. You can see the release notes at Below is an excerpt from the release notes:

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This is a minor bug-fix release.  Issues addressed in this release

     o Exporting test cases or requirements in raw mode could
       provide incorrect information about associated requirements
       (or tests) that would prevent correct re-import of the
       raw data [Issue #1755].

     o If a test session had an old format folder name (e.g.,
       0058 instead of 000058) it was possible for the delete session
       operation to fail to remove the session from the Suite's
       cache [Issue #1777].

     o Added a requirement for a more modern version of
       IO::Socket::SSL, because the system module Mail::Sender does
       not seem to specify a specific version even though it requires
       some methods to be exposed [Issue #1782].