ApTest Manager version 2.28.00 released

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ApTest Manager version 2.28.00 released

Postby aptest_shane » Wed Aug 13, 2014 11:36 am

Earlier this week we shipped version 2.28.00. This version implements some new features, and includes fixes for a few reported issues. You can see the release notes at http://www.aptest.com/atm2/documentation/2.28.00/RELEASE_NOTES.

o Upgraded to the latest release of TinyMCE - the wysiwyg editor.

o Updated an example 'jira-update' script. Improves integration
with JIRA by adding the ability to incorporate JIRA issue status
into a session execution field.

o Added a new 'jira-rest.mpl' integration module. This module relies
upon the Atlassian REST plugin to interact with JIRA.

o You can now create public and private saved filters for the
lists of sessions on the Run and Report screens. The system
will automatically create a default filter for each user's saved
filter settings (if any) when upgrading to this
version [Issue #1435].

o There is now an option to generate a table that shows the breakdown
of per-executed test results for each Requirement included in
a Templated Requirements report [Issue #1669].

o Added an integration module for the Gemini issue tracking
system [Issue #1689].

o Added the ability to reference the revision number of a test
case or requirement when the modification history table feature
is enabled. In order to use this feature you must add a field
named "atm_revnum" to your test case / requirement fields. You
can then reference this field in all the normal ways [Issue #1691].

o Added a "history" flag to Execution Fields. When this flag is
set, values for this field will be available in a test case's
execution history [Issue #1695].

Some issues from earlier releases were also addressed:

o The documentation was unclear about history field references
in source control operations. Those references must be in
upper case (e.g., %HIST_ATM_MCOMMENTS) [Issue #1677].

o If a Test Session was corrupt such that one or more tests in
the session had no associated 'id' and no associated 'atm_id'
checkSessions.pl would correctly report this as an error, but
updateSets.pl would not correct this error. Moreover,
attempting to synchronize the session with a SQL server could
result in a SQL error because the atm_id field (a key field)
was empty [Issue #1680].

o Importing files to a Windows Server from IE9 could result in
a runtime error when attempting to decode the Byte Order Mark
embedded in the file [Issue #1681].

o When passwords had been encrypted, and then the global encryption
option was disabled, changing a password resulted in the user
no longer being able to login [Issue #1688].

o The table of problem report counts in the Progress Report could
become garbled when there is a default value pattern for the
atm_prid execution field in a test suite.
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