ReportCache - store report-related lists


Ian Malpass <>


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use ReportCache;

    # Open the Database for writing
    my $rc = new ReportCache(suite, 1);

    # Cache a session list
    my $md5 = $rc->storeSessList( @sList );

    # get the list for a report
    my @list = $rc->getSessList( $md5 );

    # release the database

The ReportCache is a persistent store for data relating to reports. Currently it stores the session lists to be used.



a handle to the lock that is set for the object


a boolean that indicates whether the session is open read/write


a boolean to indicate if the file is from a DBM source


a hash of stored data


new - open the report cache

$rdb = new ReportCache(suite, [read/write [, timeout [, path]]]);

Creates a new report cache object


the name of the test suite


boolean set to True if the test database needs to be writeable or False if it can be readOnly.


the number of seconds to wait for a lock. Defaults to 60 seconds.


the path to the data file

path - get/set the path to the cache file

returns a path to the cache file.

print - print the contents of the ReportDB

    $rc->print( key );
    $rc->print( key, id );

returns the string-ified version of the entire database, or just the contents of the data for "key", or just the "key" item stored under "id".

saveAsText - save the database as a serialized object

$status = $rc->saveAsText();

Returns the output of the database's save method, but forcing the database to write out into a text file instead of a DBM file.

save - save the database

returns the path saved into, or undef if the save failed.

storeSessList - store a session list in the cache

my $md5 = $rc->storeSessList( @sessList );

Stores a copy of @sessList in the cache, and returns the key to use to access it. The key is an MD5 hash of the comma-separated sessList.

getSessList - retrieve a cached session list

my @list = $rc->getSessList( $md5 );

Retrieves a previously-stored session list, using the MD5 hash returned from storeSessList().

Copyright © 2000-2013 Applied Testing and Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.