CacheFile - Manager for Simple Cache Files


Shane P. McCarron <>


Copyright 2002-2011 Applied Testing and Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


use CacheFile;

    Open the cache Database for writing
    my $db = new CacheFile(suite, name, 1);

    get a handle to the whole requirements database
    $data = $db->allEntries();

    get a handle to a specific cache entry
    $data = $db->entry(name)

    release the database

The CacheFile object is a generic multi-level data structure storage facility. The data stored in this facility is keyed by the pathname associated with each requirement.



a handle to the lock that is set for the object


a boolean that indicates whether the session is open read/write


a boolean to indicate if the file is from a DBM source


a hash of cached data



new - open the cache database

$cdb = new CacheFile(suite, name, [read/write [, timeout[, path]]]);

Creates a new cache database object, optionally opening a non-default target file and optionally making it writeable.


Name of the test suite we are operating within.


Name of the cache file to open


boolean set to True if the database needs to be writeable or False if it can be readOnly.


the number of seconds to wait for a lock. Defaults to 60 seconds.


a path to an alternate database (the default is implementation defined).

returns a reference to the requirements database object.

allEntries - retrieve all entries from the cache

$hRef = $cdb->allEntries( [data] ) ;

data is a reference to a hash of data for the cache. If supplied, the entire cache will be replaced with that data.

Returns a reference to a hash in which all the entries from the cache are stored. Note that this is NOT a reference to the tied hash. Data is copied out of the tied hash into memory.

delete - delete an entry

$cdb->delete( entry ) ;

entry - accessor for a specific cache entry

$entryRef = $cdb->entry( name [, data ] ) ;

name is the name of a cache entry.

data is an optional reference to new data for the cached item.

Returns a reference to the data in the cache entry. If data is supplied, first updates the cache entry with that data.

initialize - reset the database file.

Removes all entries from the cache file - should have a Lock before calling this.

returns true if it succeeded, false if it did not.

numEntries - return the number of entries in the cache

$numEntries = $cdb->numEntries;

path - get/set the path to the cache file

returns a path to the cache file.

print - print the contents of the database


returns the string-ified version of the entire database, or just the contents of the requirement UUID.

release - release the database

$cdb->release() ;

save - save the database

returns the path saved into, or undef if the save failed.

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