When you execute the INSTALL.pl script, you are asked to provide the answers to various questions. The answers to those questions are recorded in the file config.pl at the top of your ApTest Manager tree, along with several additional configuration settings.

This section describes each of the additional configuration options that may be set in the file config.pl, after running INSTALL.pl. Note that if you are running under Apache and mod_perl you will need to restart your Apache server after making changes to this file.

Table of Contents

1 encoding

The default content encoding. If this is not specified, then the web server or browser's default encoding for data will be used. If it is set, then form input will be encoded using this content encoding value. In order to be maximally portable, you should use UTF-8 as your encoding. However, if you have existing data it will likely be encoded in iso-8859-1.

For anything that manifests as a file or directory name in the file system - test case names, suite names, set names, etc. - ASCII characters only can be used.

2 multiuser

A flag indicating what type of multi-user environment should be supported. Should not be modified.

3 supportTestMethods

Support a special "method" field for test cases which can be displayed outside the main test execution window.

4 sourceControl

A boolean to indicate if source control should be activated for this copy of ApTest Manager.

See the documentation on enabling source control for details of how to configure ApTest Manager to work with your source control system.

Note: if sourceControl is set to 1, if any of the source control operations described in the accompanying documentation are not defined, users will be prohibited from performing operations that would require that functionality. Source control commands are executed only if the sourceControl flag is enabled.

5 testNameMax

The maximum length of the filename part of a test case name, folder name, or test set. Defaults to 50.

Note: we do not recommend that you change this number. Many displays are optimised for names that are no longer than 50 characters.

6 debug

A boolean indicating whether detailed debugging information should be recorded into the system log (data/syslog.txt) file. Normally this is set to 0 (disabled). Set this to 1 if instructed to do so by ApTest Technical Support to assist in evaluating a run-time problem.

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