updateSets - ensure that the set definition is up to date

SYNOPSIS [-cinvq] suite1 suite2...



Check to ensure that any UUIDs in sessions reference the correct test cases.


Ignore the UUIDs associated with tests in sessions, prefering the test case names. ONLY USE THIS OPTION IF DIRECTED TO DO SO BY APTEST STAFF, AND AFTER MAKING A COMPLETE BACKUP!!


Prune - this will remove test sessions that are associated with test sets that no longer exist. A bug in earlier version of ApTest Manager could have broken the connection between test sets and test sessions during a rename operation.

It will also remove corrupt test cases out of test sessions. A bug in earlier versions permitted scripts written against the API to populate test cases in test sessions with garbage identifiers if there was no UUID associated with the test entry. Pruning these out will remove the corrupt records from the test session.


Don't do anything - just print what would be done.


Be verbose.


Be quiet - only output errors.


Suites to check.

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