serialzeAll - make a portable package of all your ATM data

SYNOPSIS [-n] [-v] [-e email] [-u URI] archiveName



Don't actually export anything - just say what the command would have done.


Be verbose.


Send email to address when backup is complete


URI to a script that can be used to download the archive.


The name of the archive to create. Creates a file in the current directory.


The exportAll script packages up all the test suites and data files from an ATM instance in an archive that is portable and can be dropped into another instance of ATM, even on a machine with a different processor architecture.


This script is intended for use in conjunction with ApTest Support should they request a snapshot of an ApTest Manager data tree for use in evaluating a support issue.

However, it can also be used to backup a copy of your ApTest Manager user and test suite data to help migrate from one copy of ApTest Manager to another (e.g., when moving to a new server).

In order to restore the exported data, use the bin/ script.

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