copySuite - copy a test suite

SYNOPSIS [-v] [-A | [-O] --sets --sessions --reports --searches --results --permissions] suite newsuite



Copy the suite and all information.


Only copy the items specified. In this case newsuite must already exist.


Copy the access settings. This defaults to no - the new test suite will have default access permissions for all users.


Copy the customized report settings. This defaults to no - customized reports will not be copied.


Copy the results of test sessions (implies --sessions and --sets). This defaults to no - the results in the copied sessions will be cleared.


Copy the saved searches. This deaults to no - saved searches are not copied.


Copy the test sessions (implies --sets). This defaults to no - sessions will not be copied.


Copy the test sets. This defaults to no - sets will not be copied.


The suite to copy from.


The suite to copy to.


After copying a test suite from the command line, always check the permissions by using froma web browser.

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