Note: before starting any upgrade, please ensure your data is backed up. You should also set ApTest Manager to be closed to non-administrative users (through the ApTest Manager Configuration screen) so that there are no changes to the data during the upgrade.

IMPORTANT: if for any reason your upgrade process does not complete, your environment will be in an unknown state. After resolving whatever issue prevented the process from completing, you must run the upgrade to completion.

REALLY IMPORTANT: If you have made any modifications to any of the ApTest Manager source code, the instructions in this upgrade process will overwrite those modifications. Please be sure to backup your changes so you can re-integrate them after the upgrade is complete.

Table of Contents

1 Preparing for the upgrade

To perform the upgrade, all you need do is unpack an ApTest Manager archive (zip or tar file) on top of your existing installation.

MyMac:/$ cd /Library/WebServer/Documents/atm
MyMac:/Library/WebServer/Documents/atm$ unzip /tmp/

    lots of output...

Overwriting the existing files will not modify your configuration unless you have customized any ApTest Manager components.

2 Performing the upgrade

In order to complete the upgrade, you will need to run the script. It will ask if you want to upgrade.

Note: you must run as an administrator.

MyMac:/Library/WebServer/Documents/atm$ perl

lots of output, including:

You appear to be upgrading an already installed copy of ApTest Manager.

Proceed with the upgrade? [n]

Note: The upgrade process will examine your user data, test suites, sets, and sessions and may update their internal data structures. While this is a safe process, there is always a very slim chance of corrupting data when it is manipulated. Please, please, please ensure you have a backup of your "data" and "suites" directories before executing the script.

Note: If you're running Apache with mod_perl, after upgrading you will need to stop Apache, wait 1 minute for everything to terminate, and then start Apache again.

3 Post-upgrade operations

3.1 Encrypting passwords

It is possible for ApTest Manager to store user passwords in clear text or encrypted form. If you would like to convert your system to use encrypted passwords, you will need to run a conversion utility and update your configuration file:

MyMac:/Library/WebServer/Documents/atm$ bin/

Answer the questions and follow the instructions presented to complete the conversion.

3.2 Checking your configuration

Using your web browser, navigate to the special script in the ApTest Manager directory (e.g. This script will examine your installation and ensure everything is OK. If there are any errors, they need to be fixed before you can use ApTest Manager. If the script refuses to run, this indicates that your web server is misconfigured. Ensure that the web server can run .pl scripts as CGI scripts.

3.3 Converting "formatted" fields to "wysiwyg"

If you have existing textarea fields of style "formatted" that you would like to change to "wysiwyg", use the convertFormatted utility in the bin directory:

MyMac:/Library/WebServer/Documents/atm$ perl bin/convertFormatted suite fieldName1 [fieldName2...]

The script will ask that you confirm the change, and the proceed with the conversion. See the utility's built in documentation for more options and details.

4 Completing your upgrade

Once the upgrade process is complete, you will need to log back in to ApTest Manager. Please log in as user "admin" to ensure that the system is fully functional and to initialize various system settings. Then, re-open the system to non-administrative users.

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