ApTest LOVES to help our customers and we want to ensure ApTest Manager works well for you. This document describes how support is handled for our current support subscribers.

Table of Contents

1 Support licenses

Support licenses need to be renewed annually. The expiration date of your support license can be found in your LICENSE.dat file.

ApTest Manager will add a message to the login screen notifying you if your support license has expired, or will expire within 30 days.

2 Reproducible deficiencies

If you have a current ApTest Manager support license, you can submit support requests for reproducible deficiencies in the program only, using the Problem Report form at http://www.aptest.com/atm2/licensees/. Problem Reports must be submitted by your organization's Aptest Manager technical contact.

3 Operational questions and advice

Operational questions (e.g. "How do I do X?") may be submitted to the ApTest Manager Forums at http://www.aptest.com/forum.

Your question may have already been answered! The forums have a search function which may help you find useful information without having to wait for a reply.

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