NAME - create session using an existing set

SYNOPSIS [-n] [-v] [-d description] [-S start -E end] [-V varname=value ...] suite set [varfile] [-n] [-v] [-d description] [-S start -E end] [-V varname=value ...] -t testfile suite [varfile]


Create test sessions within existing sets, giving random results to each test case.



Don't do anything - just show what would be done.


Be verbose.

-V varname=value

Assign the value value to session variable varname. You can specify multiple -V options. See also varFile below.

-S start
-E end

Specify the required start and end date and time using the format yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss in the local time zone.

-d description

An optional description for the new session.

-c comment

An optional comment about the new session

-t testfile

An optional list of tests to include in a session that will not be associated with a test set.


The suite to create the session in.


The name of the set to use to create the session.


A two-column CSV file defining session variables that should be defined for the session. The first column is the variable name, the second is the value.

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