ApTest::CPAN - Routines to install Perl modules from CPAN.


 use ApTest::CPAN;

 install_module('Module::Name', 1);


This is primarily used by install-module to do the "hard work" of installing CPAN modules.



Sets up the configuration of CPAN for this session. Must be called before "install_module". Takes one boolean parameter. If true, "install_module" will install modules globally instead of to the local lib/ directory. On most systems, you have to be root to do that.


Installs a module from CPAN. Takes two arguments:

$name - The name of the module, just like you'd pass to the install command in the CPAN shell.
$notest - If true, we skip running tests on this module. This can greatly speed up the installation time.

Note that calling this function prints a lot of information to STDOUT and STDERR.

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