The Open Group Branding Process

The system manufacturer plays a major role in Open Group branding process. The manufacturer licenses The Open Group Test Suites, executes the tests and develops a compliant product, submits their system to a Test Centre for formal testing and makes application to The Open Group for branding based on these test results.

Two types of licenses are available. A Site License allows use of a Test Suite at a single site. A Corporate License allows use of a Test Suite at an unlimited number of sites. Both Licenses are for a 10 year term.

The Open Group's Test Suite Support and Maintenance provides licensees with access to maintenance upgrades and the ability to submit Problem Reports to The Open Group. Support and Maintenance is optional for Test Suite Licensees but is required for applicants for branding.

The Open Group's Verification Buyout offers a savings advantage when licensing several Test Suites. For one reduced annual fee the Verification Buyout provides licensing and support for a related collection of Open Group Test Suites as well as membership in The Test Development Groups which direct the evolution of the suites. Also included is early access to new Test Suite releases before their general availability.

In order to apply for branding a vendor must have their products tested by an Open Group recognized Test Centre. The Test Centre provides a formal Test Report that the vendor can submit to The Open Group to demonstrate their products' compliance.